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Whether you’re looking for information, an offer from our partners or if you want to place an order, we can be of assistance to you.


Sales Eastern Europe

In the early 90' - Nico Reynvoet started with his own nursery in Belgium. This is where he gained his knowledge and affinity with plants. Looking for more opportunities and expanding his business, he soon discovered Eastern Europe. The urge to cooperate with renowned and well-known partners grew.

In the beginning of 2000 this took form, and was the early start of the company. In 2017 the company got a new owner - Blanka Greplova - however the activity stayed in the same field and with the same aim to serve our customers in the best way.

Since 2022 the company welcomes the next generation. Elke Reynvoet started in the same line of business and will ensure the existing continuity for the customers.

Family - joining forces - to be your partner in the nursery business.

Cooperative nurseries we represent

Andre Briant &

Graines Voltz

Young plant producer in: pot, plug and bare roots. Manly P9 and multiplates.


Bare root hedge and forest plants. Also rootstocks. Specialized in stratifications from seedlings.

ADM Greentraders

Trees from 6-8 up to 25-30. Manly bare roots and rootballs. Specialized in green projects.

Minimalist Room Interior

Plant Select

In-vitro cultivation of plants. Specialized in Fargesia and Hydrangea. Own selection.


Perenial plant producer. Specialized in grasses - P9.


Renowned Rhododendron and Azalea Indica & Japonica producer.


Grower of Sciadopitys verticillate Young plants.


European leader in propagation of Rhododendron and Azalea Mollis.

Het Wilgenbroek

In-virto cultivator for Helleborus.

Young plants and containers.

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We stand for quality and service.

Get the best offers from all of our cooperative nurseries, combined transport possible.

For many years we have been their sales representatives for the Eastern European market. As an exception, for Andre Briant we also add Greece.

If you need any information, follow up, details, logistic info, etc. We are here for you.

We are also present at several exhibitions and visit you gladly to see if we can be of further assistance.

This service we offer in many different languages so we are always able to help you out.

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Contact us

Post Address

Dr. Külzstrasse 1 - 02779 Großschönau, Germany

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Proud to present our team

Blanka Greplova - Owner

Nico Reynvoet

Elke Reynvoet

Iulia Lazar

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Satisfied Clients

"Chcete obchodovat s belgickými a francouzskými školkami a bojíte se jazykové bariéry? Nico Reynvoet, rodilý Belgičan, vzdálený bratranec Jacquese Brela, který vládne nejen češtinou, ale mnoha dalšími evropskými jazyky Vám v tom pomůže. Využíváme jeho službu už druhou dekádu a je vždy připraven řešit s dodavateli naše aktuální problémy. Dlouhodobě spolupracujeme se školkami Sylva, Greentraders (De Martelaer) a Andre Briant, ale využili jsme i služby firem Delbard nebo Goossens. Nico byl vždy na telefonu, když bylo potřeba něco řešit. Nebojte se obchodovat se školkami ze západními Evropy,

s pomocí Nica to zvládnete."

Ondrej Ottomanský, Bossen van ČZ

"Reliable business partner for long term cooperation

""I highly recommend Nico and his company Sales Eastern Europe as a professional representative of many well known nurseries from european market "

Through many years of our cooperation we could always count on his support and

assistance during our B2B contacts with companies he represents. He can arrange suitable delivery to the final customer and explains all business details when you start buying plants from his nurseries.

In other words... he's a "green professional" you can rely on."

Sebastian Pudelko, Poland

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