Goossens bvba - Rhododendron

The nursery was founded in 1949 by Paul Goossens. His successor, Raf Goossens, proceeded to specialize in Rhododendron cultivation. The past 20 years, after Chris Goossens took over the company, saw production evolve exclusively towards Rhododendron. Today, BVBA Goossens Raf is the European market leader in Rhododendron propagation. 

The in vitro laboratory grew ever larger, and in 2005 split off into a separate company Alfaplant bvba.
The total surface area of both branches has grown to 17 hectares, of which 5 hectares of greenhouses and other company buildings. Over 40 employees contribute to the delivery of an impeccable finished product. 

Total annual production is around 2 million young plants as cuttings and via in vitro cultivation. These plants are exported to over 15 countries. Wherever one comes across a Rhododendron in Europe, chances are 1 in 4 that the plant came from our company. 

Rhododendron plants are without a doubt the main product of the company, but additionally there is production of Azalea Knaphill and Vaccinium corymbosum in various varieties. 

Adress: Ledestraat 1A - 9180 Moerbeke-Waas - Belgium