Andre Briant - Young Plants

The Charles Briant Nurseries were founded in 1933 in Angers, France. Expanded progressively, mostly during the 60's. In this period, André Briant took over the nursery, which was at that time a general nursery, covering 4 hectares and employing around 10 people. 

In 1965, André Briant chose to specialize in propagation. The company expanded progressively and bought new parcels of land, such as those at Tiercé (bare root production unit). 

Since 1983, ABJP has been increasing its development thanks to plant variety, innovation and export. The company was already the acknowledged leader on the young plants market in France and become one of the European leaders.

In 1998 created the micro-propagation laboratory guarantees homogeneous batches of plants. 

Plants, such as Syringa, Rhododendron, Lavandula or Choisya are thus well ramified, especially from the base. During the 2009/2010 season, the laboratory has supplied over 1.250 million plants to be transplanted

All the propagation methods are used within the company : cuttings, grafts and micro-propagation as well as seedlings. The production of seedlings is also a well-known and fully-mastered technique in the nursery. Around 150 species and varieties of trees and shrubs are grown, which are valued for their quality and a strict grading.

Adress: CS 10015 - 15 LD La Bouvinerie - 49180 St Barthélémy d'Anjou - Cedex - France